We have abundant operational experience


 Our company adopts an advanced order management system, which is independently developed by the IT professional team based on the company's years of operational experience, to meet customer needs with its multi-function. Our Volitation operation team has abundant cross-border e-commerce experience, multi-language and barrier-free communication service 


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 Volitation is a local-based time-honored company with its headquarter located in London, UK. It provides consulting management services for import and export trade between China and the UK as well as European countries. Trade products include furniture, seafood, alcohol, and medical treatment etc. We have more than 10 years of experience in import and export and overseas warehouse operation management. We integrate our UK and European network resources through our own research and development system to create a cross-border e-commerce integrated service platform and provide a complete supply chain service system. The company also has employees in the import and export industry, providing translation assistance in various languages.  

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Overseas Warehousing


Logistics and Transportation


Cross-border E-commerce


Trade Consulting

Fast and reliable warehousing logistics 


Volitation use local delivery in the UK with short transit time and good customer experience. It has long-term cooperation with many local logistics companies in the UK. It takes us 24 hours to complete the delivery of cargo from warehouse. Through the system control, our outbound accuracy and inventory accuracy could reach high precision rate, and we could provide different delivery services according to customer needs, including 24 hours, 48 hours arrival as well as click and collect, etc. 


High efficiency and low cost service 


Based on the long-term cooperation with many logistics companies in the UK, Volitation can offer cost-effective and superior customer experience when providing goods delivery services to customers. Our company's warehousing business includes in-store services and roll-over services. The in-store service includes the process of unloading and repackaging. The roll-off service provides transporting goods to the oversea warehouses of the United States, Germany, Italy and other countries. Our service has advantages of professional, efficient, precise and low cost. 


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Shopping links connecting China and the Europe  


Volitation's e-commerce business is based on the UK's leading e-commerce platform Ebay and Amazon. As an intermediary between Chinese companies and UK customers, Volitation sells its products to all parts of the UK and the Europe through these two e-commerce platforms, and uploads order details through its own and service provider systems, making it easy for cooperative logistics companies to schedule its daily picking up of goods at our warehouse. Volitation provides perfect e-commerce customer service to ensure that the order tracking number is sent back to the customer on the same day. When there are special circumstances such as a customer not receiving the goods or the goods are damaged, the customer will be assisted in tracking the goods and solving the problems. Our company has been widely recognized and praised by the customers. 



Painting materials and art brands 


Volitation also operates two painting materials and art work brands, of which “Beautiful” is the representative of popular products, while “BIZILI” focuses on medium and high-end quality products. “BIZILI” has established extensive cooperation with many British painting sellers and large wholesalers. Volitation also provides merger and acquisition consulting services for a number of transnational companies.