About Volitation


Volitation Co., Ltd. is a transnational trading company in the UK. It consists of sales group, marketing group, product development group, e-commerce group, warehouse and distribution center. Locating in London's city commercial center, with Thames River nearby, the headquarter has the advantage of convenient transportation. Volitation's warehouse and logistics center are located in Basilton, near the eastern port of London, with a total of 7 warehouses covering an area of 100,000 square meters. Its location enables efficient and steady operation of Volitation's warehousing, distribution and transportation links. 



We dedicate to shrewd management, and seize business opportunity shrewdly. Nevertheless, in regards of customer service, we firmly believe that the highest realm of shrewdness is virtuous quality and mutual benefit.

We are in Volitation


Volitation was founded in June 2006. Its main focus is international trade business. The trade products include painting raw materials and artwork, furniture, LED lights, scooter and other types of goods. Among them, painting raw materials and artworks are the company's main products. Currently, Volitation has two brands, with “Beautiful” as our popular brand and “BIZILI” as our main brand. “BIZILI” is represented by high-end quality products, and has successfully registered its trademark in the European region. 


In 2012, Volitation has successfully became one of the top three in the UK's paintings market, with BIZILI becoming a well-known brand in the UK. In recent years, Volitation's products have been exhibited at international exhibitions regularly and received wide acclaim from the market. 


In 2015, with the development of cross-border e-commerce and overseas warehouses, the company established an e-commerce department, which currently involves four main businesses: e-commerce, sales platform, logistics distribution and settlement center. 




12 years since the establishment of our company, Volitation has established a good supply and demand relationship with about 300 British paint sellers, and has cooperated with more than 20 large wholesalers. Volitation's main brand ‘BIZILI’ has gradually penetrated into the UK market. According to incomplete statistics, there are 1,300 distribution outlets in the UK that sell BIZILI products every day.