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Overseas Warehousing

Volitation has more than 10 years of cross-border logistics, overseas warehousing global service experience. It has realized the collection, distribution, inventory control and order processing of cross-border e-commerce trade basing on the UK and Europe. Docking with the global mainstream e-commerce platform through self-developed system, Volitation achieved the automatic capture, processing and feedback of multi-account order information of multi-sales platform, and created a cross-border e-commerce integrated warehouse allocation operation system. 


If you need

  • 1)Companies in the UK and Europe that send their products to China for sale in the Chinese market 

  • 2)Chinese companies that expand overseas markets and march their product market into the UK and European markets 

  • 3)Companies transfer products from the British warehouse to the US warehouse, and European warehouses. 

What you want is what we cared about 


No matter what space you need:

  • Small item

  • Medium shelf

  • Container

  • Large space

Volitation overseas warehouses can undertake warehousing services of various product sizes and select the most suitable storage method and delivery method according to customers’ requirements 


Volitation undertakes products except items that are flammable, explosive and contain lithium batteries. After the products arrived at the warehouse, the personnel in the warehouse will arrange according to the products’ characteristics and take the best protection measures. For example, for fragile products, warehouse personnel will reinforce them and place them in special means. 


Volitation distributing logistics center is located in London, where transportation is very developed, allowing customers to ship their products to all parts of the UK and Europe. 


With the rapid development of foreign trade business, the customs workload is increasing, The control of import and export is very strict. In this case, customs inspection (declaration, “clearance” or simple “declaration”) can affect the date of delivery, resulting in wasted time and funds. With years of experience, high professional skills, and close cooperation with various departments and officials, our company can provide timely declarations in the shortest time with the most reasonable price. Based on the existing profile, we are capable of being familiar with the rules of any customs declaration, so that we can solve problems professionally as soon as possible, and deal with changes in any situation in a timely manner. 

Service procedure